"I've been able to talk to the dead . . . since age 3."
   But I never thought we'd be able to prove . . . that    
   they talk back."    Robbie Thomas

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As featured on Ghost Radio, The Kevin Smith Show, BBS Radio, Achieve Radio, The X Zone and more!

We are Extremely
Proud to announce     
that Dead Whisper has been given the International Ghost Hunters Society seal of approval.  Dr. Dave Oester, PHD  calls it the  "Best I've ever seen"  Thanks, Dave
"Four Stars!" "Astonishing EVP" "These phenomena could give us some new insight into the nature of the spirits, EVP and how they exist in the flow of time. Anyone fascinated by ghost phenomena and EVP will find this DVD of interest, and I can recommend it."
Stephen Wagner - Guide to the paranormal for About.com

"Dead Whisper is going to knock people's socks off!"
Kevin Smith - syndicated radio host

"The most important film in a very long time!"
Lia Ramses - Ghost Radio

"Dead Whisper is going to get a lot of people shouting -- for more!  It's destined to become a paranormal classic. It's the new benchmark in paranormal video journalism."
Bill Schreiner, Owner & GM Achieve Radio



The Stunning Film everyone in the genre is talking about...

Dead Whisper is a new film from Sedona, Arizona Filmmaker Ronald James, Psychic Medium Robbie Thomas and the Indiana Ghost Trackers.

Since its release less than two weeks ago, Dead Whisper is sweeping the paranormal community and has become what many agree is, "The paranormal film of the year - perhaps the decade."

"The only thing I can say about Dead Whisper is that you just have to see it. I built this web site full of information but nothing conveys the impact what you are going to see." says Ronald James.

Manteno Asylum
The place was crawling.


Rico Ds.  Former Mob Hangout.  Brothel.  Biker Bar.
We were cussed out by a Ghost.

From the Dead Whisper Diaries:

April 24th 2006:

"I'm spellbound.  I didn't believe in any of this.    After living a pretty freaky real-life ghost story, I now
understand the truth.  Something is reaching out to us.  Through our technology.  Through the powers of the Psychic mind.  I've been listening to this EVP.  I've been wading through the video and finding things I can't explain.

"When this gets out, it's going to blow people away.
We've made some amazing discoveries.  Documented some incredible events. Nobody has ever laid it out like this before.  You don't see this  on TV."

Ronald James - Producer of Dead Whisper

"It's the new benchmark in paranormal video journalism."  - Achieve Radio

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Ronald James Television and Media, Inc. 
Sedona, Arizona. 
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