"Nothing looks quite the same to me anymore.  I look up at a blue sky and see shades of gray, like the veil I now know exists between  realms.  It's like I know it's there,  just outside of my vision.  I've been affected.  I live in a different world now."  RJ  


Rico D's in Chicago Illinois is fast gaining a reputation among Paranormal Investigators as a major Hotspot.  We went there twice.  First as skeptics and then hot on the trail of more evidence.


Manteno Asylum:

Manteno Asylum.  Pioneers in Electroshock Therapy.  Test center for Thorazine.  Life at Manteno sucked.  Thousands died there.  This is one of the last investigations to happen at Manteno, as they are tearing it down to build Condos.   OK.  These poor spirits DO deserve a better place to live.


The Studebaker Mansion

With the history this place has has, you'd think it would be crawling with Ghosts.  Robbie entered this place and got a lot of really great Psychic hits.  But Ghosts?  Well, compared to the other two spots, this place was kinda'  slow.   It warranted a segment on the bonus disc, but it wasn't exactly a paranormal hotspot.  We're looking for killer evidence, but if we don't find it, we'll let you know.

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