"We got an EVP that clearly says, "That was something else, wow".  Played backward, it says "Get out, get out."  Then all of a sudden I find a human saying the same stuff, but over an hour later.  It's so unbelievable that we almost left it out of the DVD.  When I discovered it, I spent like an hour staring at the computer, saying to myself, "What's up with that?"     Ron

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Mist at Manteno

Actual Cusswords on EVP.  Hear it and judge for yourself.

June 11th, 2006:

"We've been working two shifts.  Chris comes in during the day and works on rough cuts, then I come in at night and work on the final versions.  It's freaky enough working on this stuff in the middle of the night, but now, more  things are starting to happen."

"Posters are being ripped from the walls.  Creaks and bangs and bumps are getting out of hand.  Lights are turning on and off by themselves.  It's a funky ass thing to have to get used to.  If I'm ever going to finish this film, these things are gonna' have to cut me some slack."


Robbie during this session

Orbs at Manteno

The walls where someone painted the
records of a patient named "Gennie".
Someone has since vandalized this room
Electronic Voice Phenomenon Transcript:

Mike:" we're going to do EVP in here"
Gennie: "it's about time . . . go ahead"
Mike: "Gennie, can you make a noise for us or move something.."
Genie: "I'll try". "???" "I'm tryi..."Crackle of mic
Mike: "Genie, can you tell us what it was like?"
Geniie: "I don't re...member.........anymore
Some filtering of people in, talking, Robbie begins to talk
about 1 minute in
Robbie: "This being a place of sadness and pain for you... DO you feel this is retribution? Your story being told on the wall?"
Gennie: "Beyond the wall"
Robbie: "Do you think there is more that can be told... of the suffering...
Gennie: "Help stop it"
Robbie: Anything you want to say, please say it "
Gennie: (faint) "OK"
Robbie "Other then what I've told, of what you wanted me to say, say some more."
Gennie: "OK"
Robbie"..... I'm getting these walls are of her, they just don't tell her story but they contain her. This is not of a liking to her. This is not what she wants".
Robbie" It's bad enough she had to suffer here"
Robbie: "and now that this is on the walls, she doesn't want this on the walls".
Oh yeah, this project hasn't affected any of us.  Robbie friggin'
TATTOOED the cover of the DVD on his arm!  I was shocked.
 I was like, "Dude, what if it sucks?"


"Laying at night I can still hear them talking to me reaching out for help, so many who waited for someone to come along recognizing they do exist, Manteno State Hospital was a pool of spirits and the grounds still are! What kind of human being can do that to another is beyond me, it's a graveyard full of outstretched hands" 

"As Ron would call me on the phone, it was synchronicity at its best for I KNEW it was him calling and the same thoughts stretched out mindsets. As he would relay the information of each segment captured on film and the absolute mind blowing happenings, I relived each moment as if it was fresh. So many encounters occurred between myself and spirit that I believe they are using Ron and I as catalyst to render the truth of what really happened out there!"    

Robbie Thomas


From the Dead Whisper Diaries:

July 3rd, 2006

"Another file disappeared off of the computer.  Completely into thin air.  That makes over 30 in just two months.  This equipment is state-of-the art.  There's just no reason for it.  This theory we have about spirit beings having their way with electronics seems to be expanding before my eyes.
 "I'm beginning to think that whatever door we cracked open in Chicago is bent on never shutting again.  It's almost as if these presences are overseeing the evolution of the film.  And getting rid of anything they don't like.  Am I going nuts?"
  Ronald James



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